Everyone has a story, and this is mine.
You might know by now that I'm a multidisciplinary designer from Trinidad and Tobago, with a professional focus on graphic art, motion, and editorial design. I'm partial to lively colour, elemental shaping, and prominent type: inspired by the likes of The Muppets, Keith Haring, and classic Trinidadian fete signage.
As it turned out – I wasn't able to pursue formal training, so I learned what I learned on the job, through trial and error, and an immense amount of reading, digesting, and observing other artists at work, across many different fields of design.
I started my career as a 'junior-junior' designer at a casino, spending my days working on promos. 8 years later, I find myself designing bespoke work for the United Nations, Pizza Hut, and Caribbean commerce giants.
It's been a strange journey.
I'm really passionate about visual storytelling and someday - one day - hope to design graphic art for film. Now based in Bristol, UK – we'll see where it goes next.
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